How About retreat in woods, seeking peace and serenity in nature?

Located on Yedigöller (Seven Lakes) road, where a small stream passing through and with a four season-one of a kind flora, Hindiba Nature House is an ideal destination for the ones who wish to spend an alternative and quiet holiday.

Hindiba, your home in nature...

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About Hindiba Nature House

If you've missed walking among fresh fragrant flowers and trees, exercising in nature, falling asleep in a hammock while reading your book, taking hundreds of photos while playing with bugs and plants; camping all together, finding a little bit of privacy with your sweetheart, wallowing in the grass with kids, singing around the campfire, longing for a retreat, spending a day without tv, playing with cats&dogs, chasing chickens; participating in new and different workshops, discovering new skills and potentials in you, listening to your inner voice, moreover if you need to rest and renew your mind, body and soul Hindiba Nature House is the perfect place for you!

Hindiba Nature House is an ecological living space where the city rush and stress is far away; an alternative holiday spot for the ones who wants to rest in nature, where you have options to stay in seperate stone and wooden houses or in tents. Aiming to provide a nature-friendly and sustainable environment, we are hosting projects that fit this purpose and several events in various fields like personal development, body, awareness, art, hobby, etc.

There is a small stream of water flowing across the stone and wooden houses which each are unique and full of surprises; this stream follows you from the very moment you wake up, companies you while drinking a cup of tea, joins you with a chit chat and relieves all your worries. It's her duty. The only thing that you need to do is having a rest! Do yourself a favour; enjoy the peace & confort and this beautiful nature that has a very rich regional flora and a unique landscape in all four seasons.

And of course there is something that matters a lot for all of us: There is a saying, "the path to happiness is through your stomach". Here is Mengen, the land of talented cooks who are famous with their legendary culinary arts, and yet we have a very merry kitchen indeed! We cook delicious meals for you using the vegetables and fruits that we grow in our ecological garden, or with the goods that we supply from other ecological and regional producers in Hindiba Nature House. Moreover, for the ones who miss the taste of nature we produce seasonal and regional delicacies that you can take along with you and share with your friends&family.

By the way we don't forget vegetarians and vegans. There is allways a choice for everyone in Hindiba Nature House.

If you want a retreat away from the city-life and wish to have nature as a part of your life we are here waiting for you. Located on Yedigöller road, close to Mengen region / Kıyaslar village; just 2 hours from Ankara, and 4 hours from İstanbul.

Whether it's summer or winter we'd allways be delighted to welcome you in Hindiba Nature House!

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Hindiba Nature House - Illustration Of The Arrow

Upcoming Events

Hindiba Nature House - Illustration Of The Arrow

Media & Press

Hindiba Nature House - Illustration Of The Arrow

Rooms and Prices

About The Rooms

Göknar 1

1 Double + 1 Single Bed

Göknar 2

1 Double Bed

Göknar 3

1 Double Bed

Meşe 1

1 Double + 1 Single Bed

Meşe 2

1 Double Bed

Meşe 3

1 Double Bed

Kayın 1

1 Double + 1 Single Bed

Kayın 2

1 Double Bed

Kayın 3

1 Double Bed

Bungalov 1

1 Double Bed

Bungalov 2

1 Double Bed

Bungalov 3

1 Double Bed

Hindiba Nature House - Illustration Of The Arrow


Hindiba Nature House is a member of Ta Tu Ta Project; which is a project on "Eco-Agro Tourism and Voluntary Knowledge and Skills Exchange on Organic Farms", organized by Bugday Association for Supporting Ecological Living.

For further information and application: TaTuTa

Hindiba Nature House - Illustration Of The Arrow


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Sülüklügöl Nature Reserve Area 145 km Route Details
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Contact Us

For further information:

[email protected]

Mengen Kıyaslar Köyü Kaynarca Mevkii Yedigöller Yolu 3. km Mengen / Bolu / TÜRKİYE

0850 346 94 79 - 0530 824 97 91 (09:00 - 21:00)


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